Artist Statement

In recent years I have wandered back and forth across the line between what might be considered “abstract” and “representational” idioms. I don’t make a clear distinction myself, I try to get fresh ideas about content, composition and color from observation, and evoke similar space, form and light when the subject is perhaps less clear in my more formal, more abstract pieces. I consider abstract painting to be another form of realism, and try to bring formal concepts from modernism into my more realist work. —Christian White

Alcove Still Life
Alcove Still Life, 2001, oil on panel, 18″ x 20
Still Life With Peaches
Still Life With Peaches, 2016, oil on linen, 18″ x 24
Radda in Chianti
Radda in Chianti, 2000, oil on wood, 20” x 16″
Sky Study
Sky Study by My Studio, 2004, oil on wood, 20” x 16″
Autumn Lagoon
Autumn Lagoon, 2015, oil on wood, 38″ x 50
NSP Boat Basin
NSP Boat Basin, 2016, oil on linen, 18” x 24”
Rocks by The Beach
Rocks by The Beach, 2010, oil on linen, 38” x 50″
Beach With Snowfence
Beach With Snowfence, 1987, 28” x 38″