Flamenco at the Long Island Violin Shop

Here are photos and video clips from our “Flamenco!” Fourth Friday Studio Series event, which took place on Feb. 25th, 2011 at the Long Island Violin Shop.

Sandy McIntosh at the Fourth Friday Studio Series

"Learning to Dance" by Annabelle Moseley

"Duende", by Annabelle Moseley

Our evening began with Annabelle Moseley reading her poem “Spanish Guitar”, accompanied by Gerry Saulter.  Gerry then continued with a set of pieces on guitar, in a Spanish style.

The focus of the evening then shifted to Flamenco-influenced poetry.  Sandy Mcintosh introduced his book, Ernesta: in the Style of the Flamenco, and read the opening half. After the intermission, which involved mingling, refreshments, and some tasty treats from Reinwalds Bakery, Sandy continued Ernesta.

Annabelle then took the podium, and read a selection of her Flamenco poems from Artifacts of Sound, including “They Arrive From Spain,” “Learning to Dance”, “Calo,” and “Duende”.

The evening concluded with an open mic performance.

Our inaugural event on Friday, January 28th was a great success! The evening began with host Annabelle Moseley welcoming the crowd to the debut of the Fourth Friday Studio Series, then introducing Gerry Saulter of Serenade Duo. Gerry played a selection of guitar pieces from Shakespeare’s time period, focusing on the composer John Dowland. Following this, Richard Bronson and Graham Everett read from their works of poetry, each closing with his favorite quote from Shakespeare. Annabelle Moseley recited Sonnet 147; then at the request of Serenade Duo, read the lyrics of a few John Dowland songs (1562-1626), which were then performed by Gerry Saulter and Michelle LaPorte. The evening continued with the poetry of Gladys Henderson and Gayl Teller, and their favorite lines of the Bard. Serenade Duo delighted the crowd one last time before the open mic.