The Perpetuating Moment

The way the oriole’s whistled medley
proclaims itself, the maple tree shimmers
in light after rain, the jellyfish

undulating on translucent grace notes
while the sea around it throbs a bassoon,
and the planets, the galaxies

beyond our vision in the noonday sun
sing with precision,
the moment we pause to listen

to the song playing within, the universe
resounds with the orchestral arrangement
born of natural order.

Neurons resonate the intimate pattern
that flashes from deep within,
and we are reminded

a DNA melody rhythmically
courses along arteries from our brain
to our toes, with full harmonic intention.

If we pay attention, pause to listen
as a passenger moving in our own dream
it is possible,

in our ultimate performance,
as a Himalayan bowl tuned and vibrating
consciously to ring in the tremor of song.