Argument for an Evening Walk

The sun’s already gone,
And what it left behind
Is going fast tonight.

It’s left the blossoms wan
(Or made us colorblind).
They’re difficult to sight…

Yet evening may betray
Blooms never seen by day
To walkers of the lea.

Besides, in any light,
The things you get to find
Are those you come upon.

At One With Tang

To offer a hypothesis
On my friend Melina (in from Greece),
The fact that it’s my tabby Tang
She’s talking to just now is why
She’s put her perfect English by
In favor of her native tongue.
I’ll stretch the credible and add
That to judge from the cocking of its head
At least one cat appears to find
In speech of an unfamiliar kind
More than the usual mystery.
But then my lack of…Inuit,
For all that I can grasp of it,
Is making me feel I couldn’t be
More one with Tang on the language level
Were I listening with ears that swivel.


You could, for mental exercise, do worse
Than work the puzzle of a universe
That kindly took the trouble to exist:
Of mysteries, it’s said, the mightiest.

Which isn’t to suggest you aren’t one
This mystery can be borne in upon
By evidence as foreign to the mind
As whispers from a field in a wind.