Welcome to String Poet, Volume III, Issue 2. I hope you enjoy reading the fine poetry within and studying the intriguing paintings of Indian artist Prem Singh Charan, all while listening to the poignant music of Eleanor Cory.

The poems in this issue were all submitted for the 2013 String Poet Prize. This is our third annual poetry contest, and the first without a theme for entries.

Congratulations to Jean L. Kreiling, whose excellent poem “Doubt Springs” was chosen as the First Prize winner, and thus given to composer Eleanor Cory to use as the inspiration for her String Poet-commissioned piece, which debuted at the 2013 String Poet Studio Series Award Ceremony. Congratulations also to Gladys Henderson (second place) and Carol Levin (third place), as well as Kathryn Howd Machan (honorable mention.) Many thanks to our Final Judge, George Held, who quickly chose the winners from the group of Finalists I gave him.

The Award Ceremony is a special event on our calendar – our winners and finalists are invited to read their poems, as we build towards the reading of the First Prize poem and the debut of the musical composition that it inspired. As this is happening, the journal goes live on our web site.

Look for details about the 2014 String Poet Prize to be announced this coming Spring. In the mean time, submissions for the non-contest May issue will open in February.

String Poet is the journal where poetry and music meet. If you believe in what we are doing, please consider making a donation, whatever the amount. It helps keep our Studio Series going.

We hope you will visit often, and invite friends to do the same!


Annabelle Moseley
Founder and Editor, String Poet