Art in all its forms reflects God’s playful creativity manifested in the visible world through human endeavour. The greater the shift towards self oblivion in this creative process, better the artifacts. An artist performs a balancing act in relation to palette and canvas. His brushstrokes express the sum total of what he is and what he intends to depict throuhg his work. Each painting has an aura of itself—which speaks through its dignified silence. Even a passing glance on a work of class stops the hurried footsteps. One is made to pause and take a second look at the objet d’art. Something live touches the chords of conscience; something electrifying provokes his conscious thought thoughts to make a meaningful comment.

Art transcends them all, be it Time or Borders. A thing of beauty is joy for ever. Mona Lisa is loved alike all over the world, so is ‘The Sunflower’! Dali, Monet, Cmille pissaro and Picasso are all household names. Yes art is a universal phenomenon and Artists are a cosmopolitan tribe.

Art in all its myriad forms engulf our thinking universe. Do you remember the child with pencil drawing lines on the drawing room walls? There is this spark of art in all of us. If nourished properly this divine spark makes us revere art and artist alike.

Each work displays an unsung saga of dedication and devotion. Rarely one notices what goes on in the mind of artist. They work as if in trance: wholly engrossed in the devine game of light and shade, brush and colour. An artist thrives on psychic energy oblivious to all worldly needs while at work.


My art is a reflection on contemporary socio economic and environmental problems. Based on observation, contemplation and thought process my works depict these problems with understanding, shows possible ways to solve them. I try to create channels of communication between art and art lovers, problems and viewers, through colours and words. Sometimes I try to fill the communication gap between the ‘thinking lot’ and environment, sometimes I urge them to respond in positive and creative ways to create newer wholes of mutual understanding through my paintings and drawings. Artist and poets are more near to heart of the masses. They can contribute to social causes and concerns by highlighting the necessity to solve socio-economic problems and thus pave a way for harmonious humankind.