Yesterday’s performance, “Music and Poetry of Healing”, was a wonderful evening of music and poetry and a huge success, as an enthusiastic and responsive crowd filled the Great Room.

Playlist: Annabelle Moseley 4/9/2011

Playlist: Patti Tana 4/9/2011

httpvp:// Pedro de Alcantara, Annabelle Moseley, and Patti Tana performed in front of a packed house at the Long Island Violin Shop. The theme of the evening was the artistic expression of grief and healing. Featured poets Annabelle Moseley and Patti Tana found common themes in their poetry, including the healing power of the beach, and the bond of marriage. Similar themes were found in the open mic performances, even those not prepared for the healing theme.
The evening started with a haunting and primal performance by Pedro de Alcantara, as he explored the resonance and harmonics of the baby grand piano and his voice. We continued with the healing poetry of Moseley and Tana, and then took a brief intermission. We returned for a cello and voice performance by Pedro de Alcantara. Our host Annabelle Moseley then introduced our open mic performers.  Many thanks to St. Hugh of Lincoln Church for providing chairs for this event.