String Poet Volume IV, Issue 2 (Winter 2014)

String Poet Volume IV, Issue 2 We are excited to announce that String Poet Volume IV, Issue 2 is now on-line, featuring poetry from the 2014 String Poet Prize, and such poets as Richard Meyer (Winner of the 2014 String Poet Prize), Ellin Sarot, (Second Place), Renée M. Schell (Third Place), Janet P. Kirchheimer & Mary Makofske (Honorable Mentions), and others. Included in the music playlist for this issue is a selection of works by composer Judith Shatin, including her new String Poet-commissioned piece, ‘Autumn Way’, inspired by and named after the First-Prize winning poem. In this issue, we are pleased to feature art by Meredith Bergmann.

Read the journal on the String Poet web site. Look for the music player* on the right-hand side of the page. To fully take in the String Poet experience, listen to the musical accompaniment whilst perusing the journal.

—Annabelle Moseley, Founder and Editor

Use the previous/next navigation arrows at the top and bottom of the page, or use the "Index and Contributors" link to return to the index - this will allow the music to play continuously as you visit each new page. When viewing the art, click on any image to bring up a gallery view and see the artist's commentary.
*Music player not available on some mobile devices that do not support Flash.

2014 String Poet Prize Award Ceremony

The 2014 Award Ceremony was a great celebration of poetry and music, as we welcomed Finalist Judge David Yezzi, 2014 prize-winner Richard Meyer, second-place poet Ellin Sarot, and cellist Suzanne Mueller performing the premiere of Judith Shatin's composition. See the video highlights on our YouTube channel here:

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